Public Consultations

This week started with a Planning meeting that included a public consultation about a proposed development near a wetland. Before, during, and after this meeting there has been significant public interest: councillors have been receiving emails, addressing comments on social media, and getting phone calls about the development, and through all of this communication we’veContinue reading “Public Consultations”

To develop, or not to develop

Too many conversations about municipal development come packed with assumptions, including the assumption that it’s a binary decision: to develop, or not to develop. But that’s not actually the question! Development can be a great thing, or it can be a bad thing; most often it’s a little of both. (I’ve written about the developmentContinue reading “To develop, or not to develop”

Affordable Housing in Brighton

It’s late, but I’m still buzzing from the QDAR All-Candidates Meeting held tonight at the Legion! A good event. Being hosted by the Quinte & District Association of Realtors, the main topic of the night was housing. As a Realtor myself, it was familiar territory; but much of the language and policies that were discussedContinue reading “Affordable Housing in Brighton”