Small Town Sprawl

We’re working through the Strategic Planning process, and we just had a series of public engagement opportunities where residents could talk about their vision and hopes for Brighton’s future, their recommendations for new initiatives or improvements, and even their concerns and frustrations. Excellent exercises, and we had over 60 of our neighbours participate. Going throughContinue reading “Small Town Sprawl”

Who Pays for That?

The history of government in Ontario has been an ongoing back and forth between municipalities and the province about who takes responsibility for which services. You’ve probably heard municipalities groan about “downloading”, when the provincial government passes responsibility down to municipalities – sometimes with the funding to match, sometimes not. You’ve probably also heard aboutContinue reading “Who Pays for That?”

Municipal Budgets 1: Taxes

It’s that time of year. I suspect that we choose January and February to do most financial activities because it’s the one time of year that there isn’t anything more interesting going on. Can you imagine trying to write a budget document or file your taxes in July, when you’d rather be at the lake?Continue reading “Municipal Budgets 1: Taxes”

Municipal Tax Base

Several of the biggest frustrations many people have with government are related to taxes. When they’re collected, it can feel arbitrary and forced: we all have to pay them. Then, it isn’t clear where they go: government accounting is always available for us to examine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s clear or easy toContinue reading “Municipal Tax Base”

ALL of Brighton

There are a few places in Brighton that are distinctively Brighton, as if they’re somehow more Brighton than anywhere else. Main Street, with its historic buildings, monuments, and concerts in the park; Presqu’ile, the provincial park that we call our own, with its iconic marshes and tasty snack stop; and King Edward Park, the hubContinue reading “ALL of Brighton”